Real estate of the union addressReal Estate State Of The Union

As our nation’s president just gave his “State of the Union” address, it made me think about the “state of the union” in our current real estate market. While I’m no president, here’s what we’ve been hearing in our central Arkansas real estate investment market.

Interest Rates are Still Low

My mortgage guy said today 4.25% interest rate is still regularly available here. He’s still expecting these rates to increase in coming months, so now is a great time to obtain a home mortgage or refinance if you’re paying a higher interest rate. Here’s a link to my mortgage guy if you’d like to chat with him! (He’s located in central Arkansas, but he can help anyone in the United States.)

Seller’s Marketreal estate state of the union

In late 2017 and into these early months of 2018, the Little Rock metro area in central Arkansas is a seller’s market. This means the available real estate inventory is selling quickly, and there are more buyers looking to buy than properties available. If you’ve been thinking about selling your real estate, now may be an excellent time to put it on the market. If you want to meet one of the top real estate professionals in central Arkansas, here’s a link to her info!

Rentals Still Abound

Our society has become more mobile, with job transfers and folks moving to find new job opportunities. With that mobility, folks are slower to put down roots by buying a house, choosing instead to rent for the short run. Add to that, the younger generation who have lost hope that they can own a home, so they continue to rent. (If you are employed with a good job, don’t believe thisĀ – talk to my mortgage guy!) This is good news for anyone considering investing in rental properties. And, central Arkansas has lots of good real estate for investors ready to buy and hold. My realtor friend can help you with this as well!

Great Mortgage Packages

I’m hearing about opportunities to obtain mortgages with little or no down. Of course, your interest rate is always best when you have a good down, but it’s good to know you can still own a home even without a huge down payment. Again, here’s my mortgage guy’s info! (No, he’s not paying me to share this – he isn’t a relative – I just know he can help you!)

In conclusion, it’s a great time to invest in real estate in central Arkansas. The Little Rock metro is an excellent place to live and invest. 2018 is a great year for real estate in Little Rock and the surrounding area.