Seasonal Landscape Clean Up - Best REI

Spring Cleaning

We just spent several hours over the recent holiday weekend cleaning up our landscape. I’m using the term “we” very liberally, because my husband, Roger, really did most of the labor. He posted a Facebook Live on our Best Real Estate Investments Facebook page, talking about some of the work he was doing.

Here’s seven landscaping tasks for more curb appeal!

  • Trimming the hedges: After all the rain recently, all the bushes were growing with branches everywhere. Roger just trimmed them back to the right shape to fit our landscape areas.
  • Weed landscape gardens: Ivy is spreading in the gardens, and weeds are popping up here and there. We both pulled some weeds as we worked throughout the gardens.
  • Removed a small tree that died over the winter: This was a sad job, because this tree was beautiful last fall. But, the leaves never grew this spring and early summer. Roger used his new chainsaw to take down this dead tree. Later in the season, we may decide to plant a new tree where it was.
  • Bag the trimmings: This is the little jobs I helped with. I raked all the trimmings into small piles. Then I held a bag, as Roger picked up each file to fill the bag. Then he carried each bag to the curb. We ended up with three large bags and the limbs from the dead tree that our municipality picked up to haul off today.
  • Mow the lawn: Roger loves his lawn, and he really enjoys mowing. Nothing stirs Roger up more than for someone to run over his lawn with a car or truck.
  • Mulch the gardens: This was done earlier in the spring, but if it hadn’t been we would have done that this weekend as well.
  • Added patio seating: Our new home has about 1,600 sf of deck. So, I bought more chairs, tables, ottomans, and a fire pit, so we can entertain our friends and family on the deck. We got most of that set up over the weekend, too, and we’re already enjoying the deck ourselves. Would you like to come share some deck time with us?

Look around your house. What do you need to do to improve the curb appeal of your home? Don’t wait until you’re ready to sell to do all that work. Make it beautiful for your enjoyment right now.