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Do you pay attention to the conversations in your own head? My challenge for you is to pay attention to every conscious thought you have for the next week. The goal is to discover how much of your self-talk is negative versus positive. I started doing that this year, and I quickly realized that I had lots of negative self-talk going on in my mind. Once I was aware of it, my goal is to trash the negative quickly and replace it with a positive truth. And, suddenly, I experienced dramatic personal and business growth.


noun – the act or practice of talking to oneself, either aloud or silently and mentally

Yes, I’m still talking about self-talk, because I’m still fixing mine.

Replaying Conversations?

When I’m stirred up about a conversation during the day, I replay it over and over again in my head. Sometimes I think of better ways I could of said Self-Talkthings, and other times I’m simply trying to figure out what was happening in the conversation. This Self-Talk often leads to Self-Doubt!

Now when I catch myself doing that, I stop the Replay instantly. I tell myself, that’s in the past, no need to rehash it, move on, there’s nothing to see here. And, inside my mind, I laugh and think this is such a silly waste of time.

Wake Up, Hear Lies, Replace With Truths

  1. Awareness is the First Step
  2. Catch the Lies in Your Self-Talk
  3. Replace the Lies with the Truth Fast

Here’s an Example From My Own Journey

I have lived my life as an Introvert for most of my life, telling myself that I was both uncomfortable and awkward in social situations. How many of you Self-Talkare doing the same? I totally believed this was a truth I couldn’t overcome.

For years, my husband dragged me to social events, kept me close introducing me to others, and including me in conversations, while I was simply thinking, how soon can we leave?!? In order to stretch myself, I joined BNI (Business Networking International) to grow my business, but that led to another lie in my head. The lie was I can be comfortable in safe familiar in situations like BNI.

With even greater stretching, I started attending Women Influencers coffees, and there were lots of outgoing ladies who happily connected with me and helped me connect with others. As I continued to grow my friendships in that community, I became aware of this lie in my mind. I wasn’t socially awkward; I was just trying to protect myself from rejection.

The Results of Replacing Lies with Truths

My whole life is changed for the better. I believed the lie so long, I’m still amazed to say the truth, I am not an Introvert. In fact, I love connecting with new people now, because it’s exciting to see who will become part of my life.

I still have to fight the urge to cancel social events at the last minute, something I’ve done for years out of fear. A decision to attend events at least for a short time helps me remember that I love connecting.

What’s Your Story?
  • What’s the Self-Talk that’s simply lies to protect yourself?
  • What Lies need to be replaced with Truths?
  • Where are you stuck in a Rut?

The goal of all this is to be our BEST. Don’t settle for less. When we set BIG goals and accomplish them, our dreams get LARGER. If you aren’t dreaming BIG, you aren’t living your best life. Creating a Mindset that moves me forward toward my dream life started mid year and continues. Is it time for you to join me on this journey?!?