If you want to sell your house fast, this video explains how, and I can help. You’ll learn the worst ways to price your home, the best way to price it, and what matters in pricing your home. Once you know all that, you will be armed with the information you need to price your home to sell fast and get the most money for it at the same time. Have a listen … then read on!

Don’t Price Using These Ways
  • Zillow Zestimate – Zillow is a very user-friendly website to use to see all the properties selling in the area, but ignore their zestimates. These are seldom accurate! They utilize an algorithm to come up with these zestimates that do not take into account differences in properties. I’ll explain in how to do this, why differences matter so much.
  • Friends and Neighbors – “Well, the guy across the street is selling his house right now, and he’s got a high sales price. Mine is nicer than his.” A listing price is just what an owner hopes to get. You need to see the sold price to know what the market is willing to pay. Plus, there may be differences between the two houses that affect the price. Just because both houses are on the same street, doesn’t mean they’ll sell for a similar price!
The Easy Way to Price Your Home

Call your professional Realtor – Like me! It’s a free service we offer, and it’s based on the numbers. I’m always happy to do this for you, whether you’re ready to sell or not. Call anytime!

How to Price Your Home

The first step is to find similar homes in your neighborhood that have sold in recent months. Look at the pictures of each home to make sure it’s similar to your home in repairs and updates. It should also be close to the size of your home with a similar silhouette. Don’t compare your one-story home with two-story homes. You want the same number of bedrooms and baths. The same parking situation – if all the houses in the neighborhood has a garage, and yours doesn’t, that will negatively impact your price.

If your home was built in the 1900s, it won’t bring the same price as houses built more recently. You also don’t want to have the biggest house in the neighborhood. If the top sold price in your neighborhood is $150,000, and most of the houses in your neighborhood are 1,200 to 1,500 square foot, that puts the per square foot price at about $100. If your big house has 2,000 square foot, it will not sell fast at $200,000. Your fast selling price will be $150,000 – the top price houses in that neighborhood sell for.

The Math to The Price

Once you’ve found similar houses to yours, find the ones that sold the fastest, and check their per square foot sales price. Multiply the square feet of your home by that per square foot price, and that’s a good place to list your house in the beginning.

If the house is priced right for the market, you’ll have 6 – 8 showings per week. After a couple of weeks with that many showings, you should receive an offer or two. I explain to sellers when I’m listing their house, that if the house has few to no showings, we need to keep adjusting the home’s list price a little lower every couple of weeks, until we have that many showings. The worst way to sell your house is to sit on a price for months with few to no showings.

Let’s chat if this rang a bell with you. I’m an expert at listing houses that have already been listed and expired without selling. I’m happy to help someone in this situation. But, my goal is to sell your house without you ending up in that situation!