Sometimes a sudden move creates a problem for a homeowner. Selling a home fast creates one set of problems. Renting a house can bring other worries.

Pricing to Selling Home Fast

Everyone hopes to sell their home at a higher price than they paid for it. A nice chunk of change makes the move to a new locale easier. But, there’s a difference between the price you can eventually sell your home for and the price where it will sell right now. A professional realtor can provide both prices to you, making that decision an easier one.

Necessary Repairs and Updates When Selling Home Fast

When we’re packing to leave becomes even more hectic when you have a to-do list of repairs and updates to your current home. Hiring a handyman is the easiest worry-free way to accomplish this, but that assumes funds are available for this. Plus you have to make sure that the repairs and updates will help your house sell faster at a higher price.


Renting a house on the hurry is probably not the best option unless you’re an experienced landlord. Finding a qualified trouble-free tenant is a skill. Hiring a property management company to handle these for you is your best bet, but expect to pay them 10% for their work. Unless you have the extra funds to cover your mortgage during the occasional vacancies between renters, this probably is not a good option for you.

Another Option

Call us at 501-725-1160 if you’re needing to sell a house fast. We can often offer you two or three win-win solutions that allow you to just move. And, the choice is always yours, to accept or decline our offered solutions. No pressure! Why not Best Real Estate Investments today?