We’ve sold three of our properties recently to one of the first buyers who looked at them. Want to know how that happens?
selling_fast_soldHere’s our procedure:


  1. We start a buzz about the property for a few weeks before we plan to list it. We start sharing Coming Soon info on social media and Zillow. I start talking to my Realtor friends, sharing it in our private social media groups, and send out texts and emails about these Coming Soon properties. Our phone starts ringing, and texts start dinging. Anyone with a buyer for that area wants more details. And, the #1 question asked is when can we show it? That’s the buzz we want. We want Realtors showing our properties before they hit the MLS. That’s a sign that a buzz is started.
  2. Since our properties are vacant, we stage our homes. We don’t actually do it ourselves. We hire a professional to stage it with the perfect furniture and home decor to show the home at it’s best. When buyers walk through, they often admire the beautifully decorated rooms, and they slow down to enjoy the home. Frequently they sit down in the living room or kitchen, imagining living in the property. That’s what we want – every buyer imagining living in our home.
  3. Most importantly, we price our property to sell fast. We aren’t trying to make sure we don’t leave any money on the table. Pricing to sell fast draws lots of folks to see the property the first week it’s on the market, and almost always draws one or more offers immediately. That’s what we want, a property under contract with a solid buyer who will close within a few weeks.
  4. We hold a Saturday and Sunday open house the first weekend the home is listed. We send cards to all the neighbors inviting them to a sneak preview of the home on Saturday, and Sunday is the first public open house. Two of our recent properties sold before these open houses.

selling_fast_irealtyFor Sale by Owner (FSBO) properties are sold most quickly by their owners if they already know someone who wants to buy it. Otherwise, homeowners should seriously consider hiring a Realtor. The typical FSBO home sold for $200,000 compared to $265,500 for agent-assisted home sales. For that difference in selling price, you can easily hire a professional Realtor to market your property, work with the potential buyers, negotiate the best price, and handle the paperwork and closing process. Find a Realtor who works best with your personality and communication style, then make a plan to sell your home.

Did you know you can interview several Realtors before listing your house? That’s how you find a Realtor who works best with your personality and communication style, then make a plan to sell your home. I’m happy to let you interview me because I always have a different plan to sell each property.

Feel free to use some or all of these ideas as you plan to sell your property. Or call me, I’d be happy to do all this for you! If you have some other ways you’ve used to sell a property fast, please share in the comments below. We’re always looking for new ideas, just like you!