cleaning-closetsOrganized and uncluttered closets help sell homes. Take a look at your closets, and what do you see? Are they organized with easy access to everything? Or are they crammed full of things, packed tight, where you have to shuffle the contents to find things. When you’re ready to sell your house, folks are going to look at your closets. And, your goal is for them to say, wow, I love these closets. Not – wow, these closets are so full! So, time to make a plan to make your closets beautiful to help your home sell fast!


We keep adding new clothes to our closet, but we’re slow to get rid of anything. What have you not worn in over a year? Put those items in a bag to be donated. Which pieces are looking worn or stained? These should simply be placed in the trash. How about those new pieces you thought you’d love, but you never reach for them? Maybe the fits a little off, or the color just doesn’t compliment you, these are perfect items to either donate or attempt to sell online or at a local secondhand clothing store. Once all these clothes you don’t even wear are out of your closet, there will be lots of extra room in there. Spread out your clothes, put some extra hangers in there, just to show there’s room for more.


Our closet floors are frequently full of shoes. Let’s be just as brutal with our shoes. Get rid of any that you no longer wear.  Then find a way to organize them on a shelf or in boxes. Clearing the closet floors will show your closets at their best.


It goes without saying at this point, that those closet shelves need to be decluttered as well. Get rid of anything you’ve been storing forever but never use any more. Bins and tubs will help keep items together and leave your closet looking sharp.

Once you’re done cleaning out and organizing your closet space, you’ll not only love the results, but folks considering buying your home will see all the wonderful storage space available in your home.