If you are one of those people who have been studying on this for years, you are way ahead of me. I’ve only recently embraced the journey of creating a positive mindset.  My husband was the visionary dreamer, who always has an idea. When we married, his goal was to become a millionaire. I was the dark cloud over all his bright ideas! In fact, I would say, I felt like that was my responsibility – to keep our family finances safe.

From Corporate America to Self Employment

For years I was the one who worked for corporate America, and I loved climbing the ladder. My ability to quickly learn systems and improve profitability by making small tweaks to the processes, helped me get promoted over and over again. The salary I commanded was a good steady income to support Roger’s visions, and the insurance benefits sure helped, too.

When Roger grew a couple of thriving businesses, he suggested it was time for me to leave corporate America and start a business of my own, so I would be available to travel freely with him. Great idea, I was all aboard. I made a critical mistake in that process – I failed to correct that critical mindset that I had adapted to keep our finances safe. The result is my first business never thrived like it should have. I had lots of reasons why it was just so so, but the failure was that mindset, which had to to change for me to succeed in my own business.

Technician Mindset to Entrepreneur Mindset

When I joined Roger to start Best REI, our real estate investment business, I was exposed to lots of new ideas from within that community. Motivational speakers were not knew to me. Corporations sent executives like me to seminars, presentations, and workshops all the time. Here’s some of the new terminology I was hearing that woke me up.

  • Scarcity Mindset vs. Abundance Mindset – The mindset that I thought “kept” our family finances safe was actually from a scarcity mindset.
  • Limiting Beliefs – I realized I had “decided” that being a top producer was not worth the sacrifices, without questioning if sacrifice was actually required to achieve that.
  • Negative Self-Talk – My mind replays conversations and interactions constantly. The replay resulted in my conclusion that I said the wrong thing, that I didn’t know how to engage others appropriately and more.
  • High Energy vs Low Energy – Learning to recognize when I’m working with high energy has helped me shift into a zone of greater productivity. As an employee, I did what I was told. But, as an entrepreneur, finding and working at high energy activities moves the business forward exponentially.
Waking Up to New Mindsets

Again, some of you are probably way ahead of me, but if you read the statements above and thought, that describes me, join me on this journey. All that’s required is to become aware, which I also describe as waking up. Previously, I was rolling along with a successful career in corporate America, without the same results in my own business. I knew I was smart, willing, and capable. What I didn’t realize was that a different mindset is required for successful entrepreneurs.

My first step was simply to start paying close attention to all those conversations happening in my mind. I started checking to see if the statements my mind was flinging out there were true or not. If it wasn’t true, I said in my mind, sometimes out loud, that simply isn’t true, then stating the truth of that situation. Thought by inner thought, my mindset became less fearful and lots more positive. I felt so much joy, as I trashed negative self-talk, and replaced it with truthful positivity that moved me forward.

Upward Ascent

Once I became aware of these obstacles my own mind had placed to keep me safe, but which were actually preventing my success, I made the decision to make every change I discovered was needed. I’m reading books, listening to podcasts, talking to coaches, and receiving neuroptimal feedback. All of these things work together for my success.

Big changes have occurred inside me, that translate to huge changes on the outside. While fear and negativity were previously my welcome companions, I’ve replaced those with truth, positivity, and bold moves forward. Is my life all roses and smooth sailing? Nope, not at all. But, when I approach issues with a positive mindset, problems don’t last long.

Books I’ve been reading that have really helped me include The Big Leap, The Joy of Genius, The Law of Attraction Library, Zero LImits, and You are a Badass at Making Money. If this has helped you, please leave a comment. If you have found other books, podcasts, and methods to improve your mindset, please leave those suggestions in the comments. Let’s help one another become our Best!