People have lots of problems with home ownership, and, here at Best REI, we love to solve those real estate woes. We specialize in offering hope to people who are in hopeless situations. Here’s how we help!


Job promotions and transfers are exciting, but the move can create complications. Leases and rentals are pretty easy to work out. Most of these When To Sell Your Houseagreements have a clause for exiting early, and in some cases, it’s possible to sublet the property. It’s tougher for homeowners. Your options are to either put it up for sale or for rent. Renting requires finding a reliable renter, hopefully who pays the rent on time and maintains the property in good condition. Plus, as a landlord, you are responsible to make the payment when the renter misses a payment or vacates the property, as well as responsible for all the maintenance, routine and unexpected.

Homeowners often share that they don’t have the money to make a payment for their new residence and their previous one, while they’re waiting for the house to sell. They simply want to sell their current house, and then move on to their new life. We can solve that problem by buying your current home, then we take care all those bills until the house sells. Problem solved!


Stuff happens, and causes more bad stuff to happen. It doesn’t matter why the mortgage payments weren’t made, because bad stuff happens to everyone sometimes. Those creditor calls are the worst, especially when there’s no way to catch up those payments. We can solve that problem by buying your current home. Problem solved! I love that we offer hope in lots of bad situations. The owner has to find a rental home and move to it, but all those mortgage problems are gone!


Divorces are just hard to go through. Custody issues are the worst part of it, but selling a home to split the proceeds is just another thing that can’t be agreed about. When no one is agreeing about anything, it’s hard to decide on a Realtor, on a sales price, and more. We are happy to make an offer to buy your home at a price that will make everyone happy. Problem solved!


Some inheritances are fabulous, but not for everyone. If the house is totally up-to-date, it’s easy to sell or occupy. That’s a dream come true. But, if the inherited home hasn’t been updated in years, and perhaps is in another city or state, it becomes a problem to get work done and get it sold. In cases like this, the inheritance becomes a burden and nightmare. This is another problem we can solve. We buy inherited houses that aren’t loved and wanted. Problem solved!


Ever had a car that needed one repair after another. We have, and we sold it first chance we got, because it seemed like all the repairs were going to drain our bank account dry. The same thing happens sometimes with homes. Since it was built in one year, all the long term items start failing around the same time. HVAC may stop cooling or heating, then the hot water tank fails, plus the roof starts to leak. These are all big ticket items, so maintenance and repairs have to be delayed, until it seems the house repairs will never end. When this happens, hopelessness often looms. That’s when we hope you call us at Best REI. We buy houses that are pretty and perfect, but we also buy houses that have lots of problems. By doing that, we offer hope in a hopeless situation.

Our goal in all these situations is to make an offer that’s a win-win situation for both of us. If it’s not, it’s not a good deal for either of us. But, we love restoring hope to others, and helping them move forward in their life. Whether we buy a home or not, we want to leave those owners better off than they were when they called us. We love helping others!