Remember to Spring Forward this Sunday.

When you go to bed Saturday night, roll the time on your clock forward one hour. If you forget and head to church on Sunday, you’ll arrive an hour before the service begins. At some churches, that means you’ll arrive during Sunday school!

Doesn’t it feel like we just fell back? Yep, we just did that on November 5th. Even so, I like the longer days that spring brings, so let’s all spring forward with joy!

The Picture

I always try to find a cool picture to include in each of my blogs. When I found this picture of this adult man bouncing on the bed, I wanted to use it in a blog post. Then, I realized … we could talk about “springing forward”. So, we’ve chatted about it … and there’s not much more to say, other than, I sure love this fun picture. And, Spring Forward an hour on Sunday, March 11th!