Ah, winter months are behind us, and we’re enjoying the warmth of spring. As we begin enjoying the outdoor living spaces of our homes, it’s time for a little spring clean-up.

Yard Work

If leaves have piled up in the corners of your property, now is the time to get rid of those piles. If you simply haven’t cleaned up the leaves in your yard from the spring, you either have a lot of work ahead of you, or you’ll need to pay someone to come do this work for you. The same guy can give your lawn a trim, or you can do that yourself!

Landscape Beds

Spring is a great time to bring in fresh mulch for your planting beds. Nothing spiffs up your landscape more than fresh mulch. Before you do that though, replace any of your plantings that died over the winter, plus plant some colorful flowers. Make sure to trim the weeds at the edge of your landscape beds as well.


My real estate agent friend is always encouraging me to hang ferns. I’ve never been a big fan of ferns, but I have to admit having these hanging around our porches sure looks great. Hanging flowering plants are lovely as well. Just add something hanging for that special cozy look.


If you’re like my husband who loves having the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood, your lawn will need some special attention in the spring. Roger hires Fairway Lawns to give our lawns that special attention that makes them beautiful. You can do all this work yourself as well, or you can hire Fairway Lawn to take care of it. They can also spray for mosquitoes, which makes outdoor living so much more comfortable.

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