Goals ActionAs we begin another new year, it’s time to take stock in the past and make plans for the future. Most folks are just focused on enjoying (or surviving) the holidays, without much thought about next year yet. But, the next few weeks can be critical to a highly successful year. It’s what we do now that will determine our success in 2018.

So how can you prepare yourself for a prosperous 2018? Here we go …


Before jumping ahead, take time to re-evaluate. Look back over the last year, even every January in past years. What¬†steps have¬†worked and what hasn’t in improving your life? What new trends and other factors current changing could affect your choices? What ideas or choices should you dump, tweak or do more of?

Establish or Improve Systems

We love systems. As we’ve established systems in not only our businesses, but our personal lives, we have improved our time management and our bottom lines. This is the perfect time to improve systems already in place and set up new processes. Systems are wonderful ways to achieve your goals. Put them in place!

Automate and Follow Up

You may think this is only important in your business life, where we’re accustomed to automating processes and follow up, but it works in your personal life as well. That way you don’t miss any important deadlines on your business marketing plans or your personal birthday and anniversary greetings!

Build Relationships

Get out and meet some new people, and spark some new relationships. Then, that’s why we automate and follow up above. Staying connected and available may require some of those systems and automation we mentioned above.

Set Appointments

Plan coffee, breakfast, lunch, happy hours, dinner, and more to accomplish your goals. Even more so, set these appointments to connect with the people who are not only important to your goals, but important to you personally. It’s easy to lose touch when you really want to stay in touch. Set appointments – even if it’s just an appointment to talk by phone regularly. Appointments assure you accomplish the things that are important to you.

Take Time Off

Seriously, we’re always pushing – pushing – pushing towards our goals. That’s why we achieve them. Make no excuses – take time off to enjoy your life. Unplug, relax, enjoy the life you have now. You’ll find doing so regularly re-energizes you to finish strong.