The Final Process

We’re about to list our next property, a neat house at 115 Prospect Trail in North Little Rock. This neighborhood is behind the Summit Church on Crystal Hill Road. There’s a nice neighborhood down the road from the church, and we’ve loved working on this cool house. It should sell quickly with the great location with easy access to highways 430 and 40. But, we have several things we do at this point, and I thought you might like to know!

Final Walk Thru with Contractor

If you’ve ever built or remodeled a home, you’ve probably done this step yourself. We do it at the end of every project. We have

2315 Chester

blue tape that we stick on everything that doesn’t look perfect. The better the contractor, the less blue tape you need. But, it pays to be picky when you’re about to sell. You want this house to look perfect to potential buyers visiting soon.


Remodeling just creates lots of dust – from boxes, carpet, sanding and more. Every horizontal service has a layer of dust on it. Our cleaners are miracle workers, making the home shine!


Once the house is clean, it’s time to stage it. We hire a professional stager to do this. She has an inventory of furniture and accessories ready to stage a variety of homes. She visits the house, decides the colors and styles that home needs, and stages the home in just a couple of days. I’m always amazed how great our homes look after staging. You’ve seen it done on the Flipping TV shows … if you want to see it here in central Arkansas, come visit one of our homes. You’ll never sell another vacant home without staging after you see this!


3809 Cypress

Professional photography is a must for selling your home online. There’s a huge difference between professional photography and cell phone photos. Make sure you ask your Realtor how they do their photography. You may want to call me, because I use the same professional photographer for your home that we use for our flips homes, and I pay for it.


We don’t use videos for every home, but we definitely do for some of our homes. It’s not expensive, so definitely consider it. When the home has a great aerial view and/or a video can show it’s great location, videos are a must. We’re doing a video for this recent flip, because we want to make sure buyers see the easy access to multiple highways from this neighborhood. An additional plus is it’s close to two great churches in our metro, The Summit Church and New Life Church Greater Little Rock. I recommend both these churches, love both pastors.


I start calling Realtors to let them know this house is Coming Soon, and I advertise the home as Coming Soon on social media. Calls start coming to show the home early, and we often receive offers before the home is listed. This is one of the ways I help you sell your home fast, just like I sell our homes fast!

24 West Oak, Little Rock

All of these things happen in the last week before the home is listed. Realtors love showing these homes to their buyers ahead of the rush after it’s listed, and that helps homes sell fast. Professional photos and videography are a must, since most buyers are shopping for homes online before they contact a Realtor and even while working with their Realtor. The staging shows off all the great features of the home, so buyers can imagine living there. With excellent work from our contractor and cleaners, we’re always excited to bring our recent homes to market.

And, the neighbors love that we’re adding value to their neighborhoods. This home was a foreclosure that had sat empty and sad for months prior to it’s sale. It’s coming alive now, with the nice touches we added, and soon a new family will be living in their new dream home and meeting the neighbors. If you have a house to sell, whether you just need my Realtor services, or because you need to sell it fast to us as investors, we’d love to hear from you.