Tips and Tricks

I love Pinterest, (you can find us here on Pinterest). I find recipes to try, clothes I think will look great on me, and motivational quotes that keep me inspired. But, I love the ideas for my home the most. From interior decorating to landscaping design, I always have something new to try after my visits to Pinterest. Today, I’d love to share the best home hacks I’ve found there. These are tips and tricks that solve little problems in your home, making me and you smile.

Different Ways of Doing Things

  1. What To Do With The Fake Drawer Under Your Sink: From the blog, Domestic Heart, here’s a really cool idea!
  2. The Easiest Way to Hang a Picture: From the blog, I Heart Naptime, this makes hanging pictures with hook instead a wire a snap. I actually use this hack all the time to hang my art!
  3. Fold Sheet Inside a Pillowcase: From the blog, Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons, this hack organizes your linen closet. Just fold your bed linens, then store them inside one of the pillowcases.
  4.  Organizing Your Power Strip: I love this hack from I’m always following cords to find the right one for the device I’m moving. This hack solves that problem on the front end.

Better Kitchen Organization

  1. Hanging your Measuring Spoons and Cups: This hack is from 101 Days of Organization. If you’re like me, you have a drawer or bin with all your measuring spoons and cups. I love this idea of mounting cork board inside your counter door to organize these!
  2. Those Pan Lids!:  Yet another hack from 101 Days of Organization. I end up on my hands and knees constantly to find a lid for the pan I want to use. This is so smart!
  3. And What About Those Pans?:  This hack from a Buzzfeed Partner suggest using an inexpensive pan organizer to give you easy access to your pans.

You may have already known about these, but these were news to me. I hope some of you found some inspiration from these home hacks. I’d love to hear about your favorite hack. Please follow us on Pinterest. I’ll be constantly adding more pins to my “Hacks I Love” board!