Are you as tired of social distancing as we are? We are doing our part by only going out for essential things, but there’s only so many TV shows, movies, books, puzzles and games to keep us interested. Check out my conversation with Cora Gray, House of Gray, with our Tips for Staying Social While Social Distancing! And, I recapped it below.

3 Tips for Staying Social While Social Distancing

Tip # 1 Maintain Virtual Contact with Your Network!

Now more than ever we need to be in touch with one another. We must call, text, email, message, and mail letters and calls. Start every conversation with genuine interest in how they are doing and end every conversation asking if they need anything. We all need to know someone cares how we’re doing. Call your family, call your friends, call your clients, call your vendors. I have loved receiving a call every week from Iberia Bank checking to see how I was and make sure I didn’t need anything from them.

Tip # 2 Hold or Attend Virtual Training Classes

If you have a special skill or talent, now is the time to share it virtually online or via email. And, attending the virtual training classes your friends are offering is a fabulous use of your time right now. Here’s some of my friends who are offering classes online.

Feel free to add others you know about in the comments. We all need these ideas to fill our hours productively.

Tip # 3 Giving Back to Your Community … From A Distance

As long as we maintain social distance, we can still be neighborly and help our community near and far. Folks are delivering food and supplies to Tips Staying SocialTthose who are more at risk. Lots of folks are making masks to share with others in their community at no cost.

In my neighborhood, we are doing porch and mailbox deliveries to help one another who need one more thing to complete the recipe or something that would make us smile. The teachers of neighborhood schools are driving through neighborhoods to let their students know they are loved and missed. And, lots of neighborhoods are placing teddy bears in windows and outside areas, so families can take their children on a Bear Hunt in a social distance walk that entertains and delights them. Here’s 7 Tips I offered last week with more ideas.

Reach Out For Help and To Assist

We’re all going to have a bad hour or day or more at any given time, and when that happens, it’s important to reach out to others. As we share our struggles with others, they can cheer us up, and the next time it will be our turn to cheer up somebody else.

Remember those who are social isolating alone. These are the very folks that Jesus asked us to care for. The widows and widowers, the single mother or father, the orphan, anyone experiencing this alone need to hear from us. Use your cell phones for a good purpose during this time. Reach out to others to encourage them, but remember to also reach out when you need encouragement.

This too will pass. We’ll all remember these times. Some of our memories will be good, as we slowed down our lives to enjoy one another and our lives more fully. Others will be not so good, especially if sickness or death hit those we love, and when we had to put off travel and celebrations during this time.

Brighten the corner where you are … you may be the light another needs in this darkness!