bestrei-wecareWhen we buy a house, we expect to live there happily ever after – at least until we’re ready to trade up for a nicer house. Life has a way of throwing us curve balls once in a while.¬†Sometimes it’s our own fault, sometimes it’s not. And, sometimes it’s a mix of the two.¬†When that happens, it’s easy to think, I could just walk away from this house and let the bank have it back. If you’re thinking that right now, I just want you to know – you have options, don’t walk away. Here’s some calls you should make first.

Call Your Mortgage Lender

They really don’t want your house back. They just want their loan paid back. They’re probably already calling you, if you’re behind on payments. Answer that call, or call them yourself. Explain your situation, ask them if they’ll work with you. They’re frequently willing to do a loan modification if you can make even partial payments. Try this first.

Call Your Realtor

If you aren’t behind on your payments yet, talk to realtor to see if they can help you sell your home quickly. If your home is in good shape, your realtor can tell you how much your house will sell for and how fast. There are no guarantees, but they should be able to give you a good idea. Then it’s your choice to try this or not.

Call a Bankruptcy Attorney

If you’ve already called your mortgage lender and a realtor, and neither can help you, this may be your next call. At least they can tell you what your options are, and might be able to clear up your debt while helping you keep your home. It’s worth having the conversation at least.

Call a Real Estate Investor Like Us

If you aren’t deep in debt, but you just can’t afford your home any more, this might be a good option for you. While we’re always trying to earn a profit, when we receive calls like this, we try to offer win-win solutions to solve your problem and move you forward in life. Again, it might just be good to know the options we can offer.

So, don’t just walk away from your home. Call some of these folks who can help you first! You may find some solutions you didn’t even know were possible.