We receive calls every week from people who need to sell their house fast for lots of reasons. Sometimes the house is perfect, but they have to move to another city, or the homeowner has a higher price than the market will pay from now. We can offer a solution for anyone who needs to sell a perfect home, too, without offering only a low cash option.

More often, however, the homes we get called about need repairs and/or updates. Sometimes the home has been vacant for years. Vacant homes start deteriorating quickly without a family living in it with cool air in the summer and heat in the winter. When someone dies or abandons a home, frequently lots of stuff is left behind.

Repairs Required

Frequently we hear from folks who have a home damaged by fire, foundation problems, or needing major repairs of the roof, electrical and/or plumbing. For these, we just have to lower the price we can offer by the repairs needed.

Several of the houses we visited in the first year of our business had major foundation problems. One house in particular had beautiful pictures online, but when we visited the home, we found a major crack running through a room, so deep we could have lost a grand baby in that crack! The pictures had obviously been taken from the crack pointing out. The price for that property was not low enough to account for the repairs, so that was not a deal for us.

Updates Needed

We love the old historic homes with the narrow wood floors. The floors always need to be restored, and we love to see their Empty house, wood floorsbeauty emerge with our touches. That’s an update that’s fun. We’re always shocked and pleasantly surprised when we pull up old carpet to find beautiful wood floors underneath. Our parents’ generation discovered carpet, covering their cold wood floors with it.

Lighting and cabinetry styles are constantly changing, so those are changed in almost every home we remodel. The chandeliers from years gone by are out, replaced by lighting with simpler lines and new metals. Cabinetry is less ornate now, with sleek modern lines and beautiful colors. These are things buyers are looking to buy, so we give them the lines and colors they are looking for.

House Full of Stuff

garage packed full of stuffSometimes we tour homes that are still packed full of stuff. Inherited homes carry a mixed blessing and curse like this. Usually the folks who died have all the stuff they’d hung onto in their life. The family of course has some pieces they want to keep in memory of their love one, and sometimes an estate sale scores some extra cash as other stuff sells. But, there’s always stuff no one wants to keep or buy, that simply needs to be thrown away. This is one of our major “as is” purchases. We offer to buy as is – take what you want, then just give us the keys. We’ll buy your house, no worries about clearing it out.

As is simply means no repairs needed, no updates done, no cleaning and clearing out of stuff. This is another way we create a win-win solution for folks who need to sell fast. We hope you’ll tell others about us, when you hear they’re in one of these situations.