You want to sell your home fast, so you’re wondering who we are and if we can help. Let me tell you some things about us.

CloseupTeamChildren of God

We are Christians, living our lives to honor our Father God, and to deepen our relationship with Him. That means, we always strive to be honest and uplifting in our communications and actions. Like everyone, sometimes we fail, but we’re always trying. And, we try to treat others the way we’d like to be treated in the same situation. We hope to always help people find a solution to their problem, whether it benefits our business or not.

Family People

We’ve been married for a long time. Our kids are married, and we already have a couple wonderful grandkids. We know it takes lots of hard work to stay married, because we did that work, then just didn’t quit. We also know the stress financial worries can place on marriage, as well as other relationships.  As we talk with folks experiencing problems, we also try to ease that stress. And, we pray for those folks, because we know God cares for them and wants to help them. It’s not just business, it’s all personal.

Business People

I worked most of my life in management for corporations. The benefits and regular pay that came with these jobs allowed Roger to start and run several successful businesses. Eventually, I chose to become self-employed as well, starting my own businesses and working with him in all our businesses. Best Real Estate Investments is just one more of our businesses. We’ve learned the ins and outs of this business quickly, like we always do, and we’d love to offer you some of the solutions we can offer that have helped others solve that problems. And our most recent update is – I’ve passed the real estate exam, so I’m a Realtor with iRealty Arkansas. That’s just one more piece of Best REI, as we buy and sell properties, adding value to your homes as we renovate neighborhoods in central Arkansas.

We are Roger & Judy Best, the owners of Best Real Estate Investments, LLC, in Little Rock, Arkansas. Call us!