We loved watching all the house flipping shows on TV. And, then we started flipping houses ourselves, and rehab takes a little more fixer*uppertime than those 30 and 60 minute TV shows.


On “Fixer Upper”, Chip Gaines loves demo days, and he’s frequently shown crashing through walls and other silly destructive acts as the house is readied for updates. Unlike Chip, we hire crews to work on our homes, but we still love demo days. It’s the beginning of every project. Visiting the homes after our crew has opened walls, removed counters and existing flooring and more is so exciting. When we bought each home, we had a vision of what it could become, and demo day allows us to see that vision becoming a reality.


After the demo, though, comes all the hard work, that takes days and weeks to complete. At first, it’s often hard to see much happening. Lots of repairs to walls and ceilings, as well as sanding and things like that, don’t show the beauty of the home, but it does prepare the shell for beauty to come.

Paint, floors, granite countertops, backsplash, lights, and more, each is part of the house coming together. As each of these items is added, the excitement builds. We can see our vision coming together.

CloseupTeamTHE WRAP

As the rehab of the home is wrapping up, we can’t wait to see the finished project. In the end, outlets and switch covers are added, a thorough cleaning is required for the whole house, and the windows all need a good wash, too. A final walk through with our general contractor, and he’s paid, and the house is ready to sell. Time to bring in the stager and the photographer to ready.

We’re arriving at this point in our current project at 2913 Stivers in Bryant. After so many projects, I just realized this is probably my favorite day in the rehab process. I love seeing the project, where our vision for that home is a reality, and soon a new family will move into this, their dream home. Which day would you like more – the demo day like Chip? … or the end of the project day like me?

I’d love to walk you through one of our projects. As I said, we’re wrapping up one project now, and another one is just beginning. Holler if you want to see what we’re up to!